Invest in your favorite creator,

as if they were a stock

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What if you could have invested in Mr. Beast when he first started?

Amplifi turns influencers into an asset class. We make it possible to become a shareholder of your favorite creator, athlete, musician and more!

You could have easily turned your

$100 in to $1 million if you invested in top creators when they were starting

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Your investment grows as the creator grows!

How is this possible?

How it works

Investment Profit

You invest in your favorite creator for as little as $1. In return, you get a portion of their ad revenue - for life! The more you invest, the more you can earn!

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As your creator grows their following, they receive larger and more frequent brand deals - meaning more income for the creator, and for you!

You can sell your rights to the creators ad revenue at anytime. The earlier you support a creator, the higher chance your share has gone up in value!


You buy an asset that represents a % of the influencer's revenue

Purchasing the asset is as easy as buying a stock on Robinhood. You can easily create a portfolio of 10 - 50 creators for just a $100 and start receiving passive income while your asset itself also goes up in value.

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The more money they make, the larger the profit you receive every month

It's easy, find promising creators and wait till they go viral! Unlike with traditional assets - you don't need to be a finance pro to trade on Amplifi. You know the trends, now find creators who are about to go viral and invest in their early career - OR - find established creators and enjoy passive income generated from their ongoing brand deals.

In addition to the income you earn, you get access to the creators exclusive community

You'll enjoy unique content, 1 on 1 catch ups with creators, musicians, athletes and other benefits such as closed-door meetups drops or limited merchandise drops. You're in the inner circle now!

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You could sell your asset any time in 1 click and get a gain from value appreciation

That's the same thing as if startup you invested at the first round went to the moon. So, the more popular creators in your portfolio get the higher the price for the NFTs you own. So you could sell them anytime or keep it and enjoy a passive income forever

Find your next Mr.Beast and own a piece of their ad revenue forever!

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Create a portfolio of 10-50 influencers for as little as $100.

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Enjoy a % of their revenue every month

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Watch them growing and enjoy your

holdings growth

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Featured influencers on Amplifi

Who can join Amplifi and get access to a constant stream of deals from top brands? Just to name a few...

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Social media creator

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American Football Athlete
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Athlete: High-school, College or Pro

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3 reasons to be a part of Amplifi

Consistent deal

flow with the brands every month

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As an Amplifi Creator, you get access to consistent brand deals and partnership opportunities. No more haggling for 1-off brand deals + no need for costly agents. Amplifi helps you build a revenue stream you can rely on.

Capitalize your followers. Turn your TikTok into a real asset.

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We turn your social media into an asset class. The more followers you have the higher valuation of your social media, and the more demand on being a part of your Empire from new fans. Sell assets anytime and build a long-term wealth by doing your dream job - creating. We take care of the rest.

Boost your engagement with the fans

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Followers are great, but their engagement is historically at its lowest. On Amplifi, fans share in your profits + promote you across their social channels - creating a new type of engagement via financial incentives.